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Nhà sản xuất: SIMCOM
Mã hàng: A10-S001
Trạng thái: Còn hàng
Giá: 250,000 vnđ
Số lượng:  
   - Hoặc -   

Product Description:

SIMCom presents an ultra compact and reliable wireless module-SIM900A. This is a complete Dual-band GSM/GPRS module in a SMT type and designed with a very powerful single-chip processor integrating AMR926EJ-S core, allowing you to benefit from small dimensions and cost-effective solutions.
Featuring an industry-standard interface, the SIM900A delivers GSM/GPRS 900/1800MHz performance for voice, SMS, Data, and Fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption. With a tiny configuration of 24mm x 24mm x 3 mm, SIM900 can fit almost all the space requirements in your M2M applications, especially for slim and compact demands of design.

Key Specifications/Special Features:


  • Dual-band GSM module with an industry-standard interface, it delivers GSM/GPRS 900/1,800MHz performance for voice, SMS, data and fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption
  • Can fit almost all the space requirements in your applications, especially for slim and compact demand of design
  • GPRS multi-slot class 10/8
  • GPRS mobile station class B
  • Compliant to GSM phase:
  • Class 4 (2W at 900MHz)
  • Class 1 (1W at 1,800MHz)
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 3mm
  • Weight: 3.4g
  • Control via at commands (GSM 07.07, 07.05 and SIMCOM enhanced at commands)
  • SIM application toolkit
  • Supply voltage range: 3.1 to 4.8V
  • Low power consumption: 1.5mA (sleep mode)
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85°C

Specifications for fax: group 3, class 1

Specifications for data:

  • GPRS class 10: maximum 85.6kbps (downlink)
  • PBCCH supported
  • Coding schemes CS 1, 2, 3, 4
  • CSD up to 14.4Kbps
  • USSD supported
  • Non transparent mode
  • PPP-stack

Specifications for SMS via GSM/GPRS:

  • Point to point MO and MT
  • SMS cell broadcast
  • Text and PDU mode
  • Software features:
  • 0710 MUX protocol
  • Embedded TCP/UDP protocol
  • Enhanced version add following features:
  • FOTA
  • MMS
  • Embedded AT

Specifications for voice:

  • Tricodec:
    • Half rate
    • Full rate
    • Enhanced full rate
    • Hands-free operating
    • Echo suppression
  • AMR:
    • Half rate
    • Full rate
    • Interface to external SIM 3V


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